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Title: 2014-2015 Mike's RC world SNOWS series
Post by: Monty C on September 22, 2014, 10:17:52 AM
okay, the 2014-15 SNOWS series is fast approaching, here is the tentative plan, subject to change..........

October 4th-soft opening
October 11th-1st points race
October 25...
November 8
November 22
December 6
December 20
December 27 or January 3-track rebuild
January 10-11 News Years Bash
January 24
Febuary 7
Febuary 21
March 7
March 21
April 4th-awards race

series will be best 8 of 11

Novice-2wd 1/10th scale only, RD has the right to move driver if need be
17.5 buggy-blinky ESC, same rules as last year
Open 2wd buggy
open 2wd truck
open 2wd SC
4wd buggy
4wd SC
open TLR mini 1/8th scale, buggy and truggy, depending on entries we may split them if enough of both. class open to the TLR brand mini buggies and truggies

stay tuned for the vintage class details and dates, probably same as last year, every third race or something..........

also please read carefully---NO PIT SPOTS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO RESERVE TILL THE OCTOBER 11TH RACE. don't call the store and offer to pay more and don't expect to get a spot on the 4th, for it to be fair to everyone they wont be available till the first points race on a first come first serve basis. be nice about it, don't be a A hole to the awesome people who allow us to do this each winter. its just a pit spot...........

okay, have at it.......

Title: Re: 2014-2015 Mike's RC world SNOWS series
Post by: Monty C on September 22, 2014, 10:18:41 AM
Hello everyone! guess what? it is time! lots of changes this year, so, let me go over it.

as long as everything looks good, the track will be open on Saturday for practice. Practice is how $10 a day. however, we will have a monthly pass. we will only be open Friday, Saturday and Sundays. a monthly pass will cost $40.00. it starts on the first and ends the last day of the month. there will be NO prorating. as always, mike and I are usually here during the week, so ...if you want to come and practice during the week, call us.

We will also have a new system for practice. you MUST be wearing a lanyard to be running on the track. if you purchase a monthly pass you will have a certain color. you will put it on when you get here and leave it here when you leave. Daily practice will have a different color.

The first race will be Oct. 11th. Doors will always open at 6;30am on race day however, if you purchase a pit spot you will not need to show up so early. Pit spots will be $20.00 this year. IMPORTANT!!! Oct. 11th race, it will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE for picking your pit spot to purchase. Shon Serles and Guy Morrissy were the winners last year, so they will have already chosen their spots along with employees and Nate Clark and Jarred Clark for building the track.

We are working on a area for the kids and I have already purchased crafts to get us going for the year.

if you are not able to afford practice, racing or a pit space or parts, food, anything, please let me know. I am starting a sponsorship program this year for those that are in need of it. If you are able to donate to the sponsorship program to help your fellow racer, this would be appreciated.

This is our 8th annual S.N.O.W.S. series and I am sure it will be bigger and better then before. Our goal is to expand the building another 30' (haha, I put inches at first) and add more pit space. We are going to get a cost of this and start a "goal" so everyone can see how close we are. if you are able to donate any time, material, or money, please let me know. Our goal is to have it up and running for our 10th annual.

ok, I have rambled on enough now........LET'S RACE!!!!!!!!