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RC Pitstop is located @ 5501 204th st Langley #125 come see us today !!
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« on: October 18, 2015, 04:48:24 PM »
Today marks day #1 of the first round of the winter series come and gone,

Thank you to all involved!!
Monty Cavadini and Connor Leech for the voices behind the racing as Race Director
Troy Ralph , Richard Infanti , Dave Hoare for you hard work for getting this race underway.
Chris Mueller, Dan Schellenburg for all your behind the scenes hard work and effort to keep momentum going at every step.
Thank you to all members that helped set up and take down the event, as this is by far the hardest task of all.
Thank you Star Rentals and RC Pitstop Racing for your support with your generous help and donations along the way.
A special thanks to our neighbouring communities who join OutlawRC and raced along side of all of us , members of Skagit River Raceway RC,  members of Camrc , Area99RC - The Toy Car CreativeRC. We appreciate and well enjoy racing hard with all of you!!!
Finally and the only reason this happens is all of you racers out there!! Getting a grip is this winters theme and you all are holding your spot well!

See you in the pits
The Team @ Outlaw RC

« on: October 18, 2015, 04:47:49 PM »
Hi Guys

I had a great time watching the races on Saturday.  Now to find a car for the Novice class.
One question I had was about the process of bumping progressive drivers out of Novice because they are driving so well. 
In the final of the Novice class it was so clear that there were two or three drivers that were so much better than the others and even as good as the upper level of drivers.  How do they, when do they get moved on?


Thank John for your question,

   At the beginning of the new race we will review average class times and bounce that off of our novice averages. If these times are within a decision to bump up we will make that call morning of. We will wave the regulations of class rules such as wheels and Transponder rentals for that day of racing for the bumped racer being that the decision from made from RD and team.

  It's hard to make a decision at days end since novice are usually gone by the time we have to review.

« on: October 05, 2015, 08:51:35 PM »
1/8 scale buggy will be 3s lipo max. this class was a last minute update to flyer and some regulations in regard to 1/8 was missed.

OUTLAW RC / Annual Brouhaha End of Summer Race!!!
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:58:58 PM »
Sunday Sept.27 join us for our annual year end race!!!

Registration @9am
Drivers meeting @10am race on 10:15

Standard classes and rules apply

15$ first class entry for members
10$ second/third class entry for members

Add $5 for non members

Concession on site and some great news about this winter season just over a month away!!!

OUTLAW RC / Track Maintenance
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:16:41 PM »
Thursday may.28 the track will start a small resurface of the material we used for the rodeo. We found it packed really well.  If you can help it come on out if you can't the track will be closed for maintenance.

 The following Saturday we will be raking it out and tamping the surface we are trying this on.

Thank you
OutlawRC Team

Friendly Giants / Re: WHO STILL RUNS 1/5????
« on: May 06, 2015, 04:12:52 PM »
South surrey I think. I emailed him with no reply yet. Would like to come watch as well.

We are looking for a few vintage rc cars to come out and drive around for approximately an hour on may.18 at the rodeo. this time slot is set for around 1pm . if you are interested pm me for more information.

OutlawRC is demonstrating a variety of rc cars to the public , dont worry we have a secured perimeter around demonstration. we are looking for 2 more 1/5 rc cars to come out and sport there stuff for an hour or two. pm me if interested

OUTLAW RC / 69th Annual Cloverdale Rodeo
« on: April 20, 2015, 10:22:58 PM »
Dear Members of OutlawRC Club,

We are proud to announce that in just under 1 month we will be demonstrating our wild and spectacular hobby of radio control car operation to the 69th Annual Cloverdale Rodeo. We are expected to demonstrate to an audience of passerby?s ranging from 80,000-120,000 people over the course of 4 days on May 15-18. We have planned an assortment of demonstrations from mini scale 1/16 racing to 1/5 gassers. This demonstration is a big one and we will be getting great exposure throughout the community.
Here is a line up of our program we are looking at performing:

  Friday May 15 , 2015 4pm-9pm
4pm-7pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
7pm-9pm Open Scale Demonstration of all classes of rc cars
Saturday May 16 , 2015 10am ? 9pm
10am ? noon Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
Noon- 2pm mock up demonstration of racing scale 1/10 class stadium , buggy 2wd , buggy 4wd
2pm ? 4pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
4pm ? 5pm Demonstration of micro scale rc cars 1/12 , 1/14 , 1/16
5pm ? 7pm mock up demonstration of racing scale 1/10 class short course 2wd , short course 4wd
7pm ? 9pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
Sunday May 17 , 2015 10am ? 9pm
10am ? noon Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
Noon- 1pm Demonstration from Ronin quadcopter flying
1pm ? 2pm Demo scale 1.9 & 2.2 from SBM
2pm ? 4pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
4pm ? 5pm mock up demonstration of racing scale 1/8 class Buggy , Truggy ,SC8
5pm ? 6pm Demonstration of Ultra4 scale racing
7pm ? 9pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
Monday May 18 , 2015 10am ? 6pm
10am ? 1pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
1pm ? 2pm Demonstration of racing Vintage class rc cars
2pm ? 3pm Demonstration of 1/5 scale rc cars
3pm ? 6pm Traxxas Interactive Family Experience
 We are looking for volunteers to fill these time slots up with, have a look and see if you would be interested in demonstrating any of these classes. We are also looking to fill all day or partial day volunteers to help flip cars , hand out brochures and stickers/tattoos. In return we can offer you a parking pass to the rodeo and an all weekend pass for admittance into the general rodeo for your pleasure to enjoy when not demonstrating.
 Currently we are confirming third party groups to assist in these slots as they might alter the program a bit if they back out. Everything is always subject to change till the day of.
The Traxxas Interactive Family Experience is a time slot in which we will be allowing youth up to drive rc cars for 10 minute slots. We will need some people to help with teaching children how to operate these cars so they may enjoy our demonstration area for a bit.
If you can?t be a part of the weekend but have some time the week prior or after the rodeo to help set up or take down we are looking for a few dedicated members to help us get this all put together.
If you are interested or have any questions feel free to email us at

OUTLAW RC / Re: Track Questions
« on: April 20, 2015, 01:04:50 PM »
Yes on the back and the parking lot side of the showbarn. In a 8by8 metal box is a stove plug. One cover swings open freely the other just needs a quarter or dime to turn the latch.

OUTLAW RC / Re: Track Questions
« on: April 20, 2015, 10:30:15 AM »
The plug is a gas range converter plug. I saw it at home depot. Simple alternative for power at track during practice. We have plans to set up day use plugs but its all and always a budget thing.

OUTLAW RC / dates have been altered
« on: April 20, 2015, 10:27:30 AM »
Dear Members,

  We have adjusted our schedule for the next month to reflect some community demonstrations,

   April 26,2015 - second points race , we will postpone to following weekend if rained out this up and coming weekend. Should it rain out again this will count as a throw away for now and possibly added to seasons end if our summer continues through Sept/Oct.

May 9,2015 - Pre Rodeo Show @ The Brickyard Station. This is turning out to be an annual event with the Cloverdale BIA. As a community we need to sport our stuff for the public and show them who we are. This event takes place at the brickyard station located at the crossroad hwy . 10 & 176th street between the hours of 10-3pm. Members bring your rc cars and spend an hour or day driving around a demonstration track for the public and showing off your rides. Admission is free for members, non members drive by donation.

May 15-18 - We are invited to the Cloverdale Rodeo this year to perform a major demonstration. We have still yet to put together a volunteer form for this but if your interested pm me (kris miller) and I will give you more info.

After these events the dates stay the same.

Thank you and happy RC ' ing

To all interested,

Race day has been postponed until april 26, see you then!!!

We will be onsite this weekend on Saturday working on the track again. All is welcome to lend a hand. We are fingers crossed at the weather right now for sunday racing. Come out and see what's happening at the fairgrounds.

Sorry rcpitstop members,

   The track opens March 29,2015 until the end of October. You can sign up at any of our 5 hobby stores, of course rcpitstop is one of them. As well you can sign up at one of our races or online under "join" at

  Our poster goes live tomorrow on our page and in windows of as many rc stores as possible. We will have most of the information needed to get started on it. We will post our format here sometime next week.

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