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Author Topic: How to make a forsale thread.  (Read 2720 times)

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How to make a forsale thread.
« on: November 09, 2008, 11:43:52 PM »
are you looking at putting an item up for sale but don't no how ?. well i will tell you a simple format i use to sell and i hope it helps you out.  :D

1st step (the title) make sure the title is short and sweet like so put the make and the model of the item your selling.
(example: Make= traxxas    model= revo) so as a title i would put traxxas revo. if you have multiple items forsale try using commas to separate the items like so traxxas revo, xray xb8, hpi hellfire.

2nd step (the description) this is the most important part of all. the first part of the description should be what the item includes and if you want the reason for selling your item. condition of your item. its always good to remember how many bottles aka gallons of gas your engine has been threw  

for sale today i have a traxxas revo and i am selling my revo simply because my brothers girlfriends child's best friend s dog had puppies and i do not want to accidentally hit  one of them so i am putting my revo up for sale.

condition: good, no broken parts and had it tuned at rc pit stop last week. the engine has had 7 tanks on it not even a full gallon

Upgrades: titanium turn buckles, aluminum a-arms, picco .28 engine, roll cage

includes: glow plug, revo instruction manual and 1 gallon of feul

AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL A PRICE (This is what determines if your item sales. with out a price your item will be 90% harder to sell.)

(optional things to include in your description)
~a location were you would like to meet like. ( chucky cheese beside rcpitstop at 64th and 200th)
~when you are available to meet
~possible trades or not (be descriptive Example. "im looking for tires" is not descriptive enough make and model "im looking for pro line moab 2.0's made by pro line" that's a little more descriptive.
  wondering how to upload a picture visit:
  1. go to
  2. create a account (its free)
  3. upload the image to photo bucket
  4. get the image code from photo bucket (located under the picture you uploaded)
  5. paste it under your item description

you are now ready to sell an item. remember to keep on top of your item for sale and try to check back daily for possible inquires for your item.

(after you finish selling your item leave the person feed back in the feedback section. and please remove your topic. thanks and hope this description was helpful)
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