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Author Topic: General posting rules  (Read 2105 times)

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General posting rules
« on: January 07, 2006, 08:26:43 PM »
OK now maybe a few people are new to the forums and are not sure of what is proper behavior but I will try to best explain what is considered acceptable post behavior.
Stay on topic. Too many times the original topic gets lost and those who want information about that topic are left wondering what the hell..... when they read the last posts. If its not on topic the post may be deleted.
No chatting. Yes you agree with buddy in post number two and want to ask him a question ... fine that is a good idea as long as it's on topic but when it turns into two people bantering back and fourth it is a conversation and should be done by PM, instant message ie. MSN or Yahoo or you can phone them.
No posting websites from competing buisnesses. Even though this is a forum that has generally laxed rules try to respect the guy who owns it, he runs RC Pit Stop and carrys a huge line of the products we discuss and own. If you want to buy from somewhere else tha is your option but don't advertise for someone else or yourself on Wes' site. Kinda like tattooing your name on your buddy's girlfriend.... not cool and very tactless.
No abusive behavior to others. Yes that guy who keeps saying the same thing over and over is pi**ing ya off but just report it if it's out of hand, don't take it upon yourself to be the hero. Definately bad form to start name calling or trash talking someone without just cause, this will not be tolerated. Any forms of abuse or threatening behavior will be dealt with accordingly and may include ban at admin discretion.
No posting pornographic material or links to porn sites or images. Self explanitory. Kids read these pages and as a father of four I don't want them to see it on a public family oriented site.
No sales of illegal substances or stolen goods. This should be common sense and not taken lightly. Again breaking this rule can result in ban at admins discretion.
No bashing on for sale threads. For sale threads are for sellers and prespective buyers only. If you have interest in the product or have something helpfull to add to the sellers credibility or just a question about the item please do so. 
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