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Author Topic: ICE HV, Mamba XL & Hydra Ice HV RECALL  (Read 1091 times)

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ICE HV, Mamba XL & Hydra Ice HV RECALL
« on: August 20, 2011, 04:18:33 PM »
ICE HV, Mamba XL & Hydra Ice HV

Warning & Recall advisory 2011-03

Aug 20, 2011

The performance of a component used in the Castle ICE HV 60, ICE HV 80, ICE HV 120, ICE HV 160,  Mamba XL and HYDRA ICE HV controllers has changed from the original specifications for that part. This tolerance change may lead to failure of the affected controllers.

For your safety, we request that all customers cease operation of these controllers immediately.  Send all of these controllers back to Castle for modifications required to improve the safety and reliability of these products. This recall includes all controllers labeled as V3. There are no charges associated with this modification.

The only controllers that are properly modified and are approved for operation will be labeled clearly as ICE HV (Amp Rating) 2, Mamba XL 2 & HYDRA ICE HV 2.

We understand that you may not wish to return your controller. Those that have served you well are likely to continue doing so; however, controllers that you may have recently purchased should be assumed to be assembled with the problem components.

If you insist on using these controllers, please be advised that the risks of continued usage begin with severe burns to you and/or others, as well as property damage to your RC vehicle or surroundings. Please wear fire-proof gloves when connecting any HV controllers that use 8 or 10 gauge wire to their power source.


Click this link and follow the directions of advisory 2011 - 03 to process your return if you have any of the following controllers.

Phoenix ICE HV 60


Phoenix ICE HV 160 & ICE HV 160 LITE

Phoenix ICE HV 80


Mamba XL

Phoenix ICE HV 120


Hydra ICE HV

North American and all non-European customers:

Please return controllers to Castle in Kansas via a traceable delivery service:


120HV SERVICE / Service Department


OLATHE, KS 66062

European customers:

Please return controllers via a traceable delivery service to our new European repair center:




2250 OLEN


Note: The Olen office cannot support technical support or warranty calls at this time. Direct all questions to Castle using the normal tech support or warranty service addresses.

Hobby dealers and commercial customers worldwide:

Please contact Lori at Castle in Kansas to make arrangements for return of your stock.

Please be sure to include a copy of the return confirmation generated by the web site in your package.

We sincerely appreciate your patience in this matter.   As hobbyists ourselves, we understand your disappointment at not being able to use your controller during this period. 

Thank you,

Team Castle



1. It may not be possible to economically repair some controllers.  Those controllers will be replaced by refurbished controllers that were made from unsold controllers that have been recalled from the sales channels. 

2. We will replace the control board in as many returned units as possible.  We will make sure that you receive your exact controller.  This will likely cause the process to take a bit longer, but it will ensure that you are comfortable with the prior use of the controller that you receive from us.

3. As we cannot state in advance the criteria for reparability vs. replacement, please remove all connectors from your controllers before sending them in to us.

4. Due to the manner in which most of the ICE HV controllers and their heat sinks are assembled, we do not recommend that users ask to install the replacement board themselves. 

5. We cannot give you an exact estimate of the time required to return your controllers.  We will keep you updated as to the status of our repairs via email. We understand that you may be frustrated by this experience, and we will be happy to talk with you individually, but our Tech Support staff do not have any more information to offer you beyond the statements made in this announcement. 
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